Update on the StormWatch+ app - 7/23/2022


We are currently in the process of a significant update to the StormWatch+ app.  This update will restore the yearly subscription option, fix several known bugs, bring in new features, and most importantly, lay the groundwork for exciting future updates that we'll reveal in due time.

As a little background, the app is currently written that utilizes separate coding languages for Android & iOS, which meant that our app developer had to do twice the work to make changes to both the Android and iOS apps.  Recently, we hired a new app developer, who is also a long-time SW+ Alerts subscriber. His company is re-writing the entire app in a single coding language, so any changes or updates to the app will be much easier to manage and deploy. That is the reason we call this a "significant update."

We are continually committed to bringing you precise and lightning-fast weather alerts.  The app has been, and will continue to be, ad-free and we commit to never selling or releasing your personal data, for profit or otherwise.  The base StormWatch+ app will continue to remain free and provides valuable information to help you plan your day, harnessing the power of over 2,000 National Weather Service meteorologists, forecasting for your local area.  Regarding alerting, our server space and app development expenses are not cheap. We believe strongly that, for the price, SW+ Alerts is an essential, life-saving product and provides as many, if not more, custom features than any other weather alert app on the market.  Therefore, SW+ Alerts will remain a subscription service with both annual and monthly renewal options.

The weather mapping data that has been displayed in the app is changing also, as our vendor will be discontinuing the current dataset and switching to a new one.  So we are pushing to get the updated app out before this data is discontinued.  We have cleared milestone 1 in our 6-phase project, and are planning for the updated app to be released early fall.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support of StormWatch+ and SW+ Alerts and look forward to continuing to serve you!  We will keep you updated as we move through the process.


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