Restoring SW+ Alerts after re-installing the app

If you have previously purchased SW+ Alerts through the App Store and had to either delete the app, or perhaps changed devices (and are using the same iTunes account), you will need to restore SW+ Alerts to the app once you have it installed on your phone. The steps to restore Alerts is fairly straight-forward.

1. Launch the StormWatch+ app and click the Weather Alerts tab. Then click the link that says "Restore StormWatch+ Alerts" as shown below.


2. You will then see the screen below. Click "Already have an account? Log in."


3. The next step is to enter your previously-created SW+ Alerts credentials. If you forgot your password, there is a link to reset it provided. Then click Login.


4. One you login, the app may ask permission to send you push notifications. Since that is the whole point of SW+ Alerts, grant it access!


While the alert settings (alert types, quiet time, etc.) are carried over under your account, your locations are device-specific. So, if you upgraded devices, you will need to add your locations again. If you are reinstalling on the same device, your locations should still be available to you.

That's it! You're all set to receive pinpoint weather alerts once again!


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