Restore StormWatch+ Alerts after setting up with a promotional code

When you set up StormWatch+ Alerts, you are required to create a StormWatch+ Alerts account. The process below assumes that you acquired StormWatch+ Alerts via a promotional code link and now need to restore that StormWatch+ Alerts account.

You may need to restore StormWatch+ Alerts in one of these scenarios:

  • You delete the StormWatch+ app from your device and have downloaded it again
  • You download the StormWatch+ app on a new device that wasn’t restored from a backup
  • The StormWatch+ service logs all users out of StormWatch+ Alerts (an extremely unlikely event)

If any of those scenarios applies to you and you previously setup StormWatch+ Alerts via a promotional code link, follow these steps.

1. Ensure the StormWatch+ app is installed. Then, go to the “Weather Alerts” tab.


2. Tap “Restore StormWatch+ Alerts”, and agree to the disclaimer presented.

You will see a screen (like that below) indicating we could not locate your purchase of StormWatch+ Alerts. As a user who acquired StormWatch+ Alerts by promotional code link, select “Login with SW+ Alerts Account” to proceed.


3. Next select “Already have an account? Log in”.


4. Enter your StormWatch+ Alerts account credentials and tap Login.


5. StormWatch+ Alerts will then be restored on your device.

Rest assured, your previous alerting preferences are stored in your StormWatch+ Alerts account and restored. (Note, however, that locations are device-specific and may have to be re-entered if restoring on a new device.)


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