Setting up SW+ Alerts using a promotional code

We are delighted to now offer SW+ Alerts to selected users via promotional code links!

To get started, view the provided link on your device. (Different use cases may get access to this link in different manners.)

1. Getting Started:

Tap the link and you will be taken to Safari. You will see a page like this:


2a. I do not have the StormWatch+ app installed:

Tap “OPEN” as shown on the Safari page shown above. You will be taken to the StormWatch+ App Store page.

Download the app. Open the app once it is installed. Tap Continue on the Welcome screen. The app may ask for permission to use your location in order to provide current conditions once you exit SW+ Alerts setup.

Skip to “3. Account setup” below.

2b. I already have StormWatch+ installed:

Tap “OPEN” as shown on the Safari page shown above. The StormWatch+ app will open.

Continue with “3. Account setup” below.

3. Account setup:

The SW+ Alerts account setup screen, shown below, will open automatically.


Tap “Create account” and proceed by setting up your account credentials with the email address and password of your choice.

Click “Create Account” again and the app will proceed to the SW+ Settings screen where you will need to add your location(s) to be monitored (“Add Static Location”) and select your alert preferences (“Customize My Alerts”).  You may enter up to 3 static locations to be monitored (using a postal address, or your current GPS location). 

You're all set!


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