Regarding StormWatch+ Alert issues on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Last night (Saturday, Sep. 8) about 9:45pm, StormWatch+ in the MWN mobile app experienced issues with duplicate alerts for a Flash Flood Warning being pushed to the app, whether or not the user was subscribed to that alert type. In addition, for some users, the full detail of the alert was not available within the app and user settings were missing.
When the issue was discovered, troubleshooting commenced. The immediate issue was resolved within an hour. We then dug deeper to find the root cause and believe that a change implemented about 12:30am will fix the problem.
We are aware that there have been multiple instances during recent weather events in which StormWatch+ has not performed to your, or our, satisfaction. The primary issue relates to optimization of resources on our servers and therefore (unfortunately) are made known when the system is busiest – during inclement weather. We are committed to delivering the fastest and most precise severe weather alerting possible and these untimely experiences have provided a wealth of information to help us to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, they have also brought you frustration, and for that we apologize.
Transitioning to new servers and an alert technology platform rebuilt from the ground up over the past 6 months has not been without its stumbling blocks, despite our best efforts. We are not just the developers of the app, we are also users, and are therefore aware of the frustration from both perspectives. Rest assured that the knowledge gained during these challenges provides us with the opportunity to incrementally and continually improve the product moving forward.
Thank you for your trust of and for being a valued user of StormWatch+. Please feel free to contact me directly at or open a support ticket, either via the “Contact Support” link within the app or at, if I can assist further.


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