StormWatch+ outage - April 4-6, 2018

Thank you for your patience during an extended outage of StormWatch+ Alert services from April 4-6. We suffered a major hardware failure on the server side of the app and ended up having to rebuild the server software and databases after fixing the hardware issue. Fortunately our backup processes made this a bit easier, but considerable effort was required to restore the server to full health. We are making minor modifications to our daily backup procedures to ensure that a restoral process is even more streamlined should something like this happen again, though we certainly hope it does not!

Your app will continue to work as it did before the outage. Any changes made to your settings will be synced with our server when you open your app, so that push alerts can be generated. We encourage you to simply open your app so that sync can take place, otherwise you don't need to do anything to continue receiving alerts.

We sincerely apologize for the extended downtime and appreciate your trust in StormWatch+ to deliver severe weather notifications in a fast and efficient manner! Looking forward, we will continue with the final tweaks necessary to roll out an updated app in the next couple of weeks that enables us to grow towards the future! More details on that process can be found at this link.


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