SW+ Alerts upgrade - May 2018


In May 2018, a new back-end (server) architecture was rolled out for users of the alert technology, SW+ Alerts. This greatly-improved technology includes a new server that is capable not only of handling current users and alerts, but allows for considerable expansion going forward. Some benefits of the new technology include:

  • Optimized processing of severe weather alerts, bringing you the fastest possible notifications delivery to your device
  • A smoother and faster experience when viewing alerts in-app
  • Better customer support capabilities, by giving support personnel better access to a specific user's app settings to enable advanced troubleshooting
  • Opening doors to the future for expanded product offerings including: an online web portal for access to your account and alerts, new ways of receiving notifications, and additional alert types, to name a few

In addition, having a scalable back-end will allow us to finally offer the StormWatch+ app to Android users in the near future as well! 

In order to best utilize the capabilities of the new technology however, we are going to need the assistance of each SW+ Alerts user. After updating your or StormWatch+ app from your app store, you will be asked to create a unique SW+ Alerts user account the first time you launch the app. This account will be separate from your iTunes/Play Store account, but after creating it, it is unlikely you will need it again unless you need to reinstall the app or until we launch additional services that require a login. The account will be used to store your SW+ Alerts settings, allowing syncing between devices and improved customer support when necessary.

If you decline to create an account, you will be reminded each time you open the app to do so. As of November 24, 2018, all users that do not have an account on the new system will stop receiving alerts, as our old system will be shut down.

We appreciate your cooperation in this transition and look forward to providing even better service, and new features, in the future! Thank you for your support! If you have any questions regarding the transition, feel free to email

NOTE: All account information will be stored on our secure server with passwords encrypted. Your email address will not be placed on a mailing list belonging to us or anyone else.


Below are screenshots of the account creation process for users who already have SW+ Alerts installed in their or StormWatch+ app. 



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