I didn't receive weather alerts that I expected. Why not?

This is probably the most frequently-asked of the FAQ's we receive. There are a few possible explanations. Here are the main ones:

  1. You are not in the warned area (or "polygon," for severe storm alerts). StormWatch+ is VERY precise. We've had many cases where sirens were heard, but an alert was not received. It turns out that the alert location was a BLOCK outside the warning polygon! Try and verify that you were indeed inside the warned area - don't just assume based on another app, wireless alert, or siren. StormWatch+ is the most accurate alert source on the market - here's how


  2. You are not currently subscribed to receive alerts. There are two ways to check this. First, if you tap Settings on the Active Alerts panel and see an "Expired" message, your subscription has lapsed. You will need to resubscribe to receive alerts. Also, you can check in your App/Play Store under "Subscriptions" to see the current status of your subscription. If your subscription doesn't show up after subscribing, restart the app.

  3. Your Alert Settings may not be set to receive the alert.  There are many ways that you may not receive alerts that has to do with your settings. These may include:

    A. You are not logged in to the app. You MUST be logged in to receive alerts. If you do not see an Active Alerts panel below current conditions in your app, you are not logged in. Tap the SW+ Alerts banner, then Restore SW+ Alerts and Login. If you forgot your password, there is a reset option. 
    B. You do not have a Fixed Location enabled for the location in the warning. Make sure you have a location set and it is toggled on, or that you have EnRoute on (if it is for a warning for your present location). Also make sure the master "Enable Alerts" button is turned on at the top of Alert Settings.
    C. The alert type that was issued is not enabled in your Settings. Check "Change Alert Types" and make sure you have the ones you wish to receive toggled 'ON.'
    D. Make sure you do not have Quiet Time turned on during the time the alert was issued.

  4. In Alert Settings you can tap "Send Test Notification." That will provide some troubleshooting steps if the test fails. If it works, then your app is setup properly (provided your settings in section 3 above are all correct. 

  5. If you still aren't sure why you didn't get alerts, feel free to reach out! In the app main menu (top left of the main screen), tap Contact Support and open a ticket with us. We'll answer them as quickly as possible!


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