2024 Pricing for SW+ Alerts

SW+ Alerts has dutifully provided countless severe weather alerts to app users for over a decade. For the past four years, a subscriber-based model has been utilized due to ongoing costs associated with keeping the service running, whether alerts are generated for an individual user or not. The initial pricing for the subscription has not changed in the intervening years. However, costs for server infrastructure, mapping data used in the app, mobile app development and software maintenance have risen dramatically. 

For this reason, and to ensure the reliability of SW+ Alerts for the foreseeable future, we are instituting a small increase to the subscription pricing.  Monthly subscriptions will increase to $1.09/month in March and annual subscriptions are being reintroduced into the app at $9.99/year. That still means annual subscribers will get almost THREE free months versus paying monthly.

We appreciate your understanding as costs in general continue to climb, including those we incur monthly. Considering all of the features and customization options that are offered, SW+ Alerts remains the best value on the market for this type of service and one that we are proud to continue offering!


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