[MWN] Missing current conditions and satellite imagery


At times, you may see that the current conditions data in the app is listed as "not available." This is because the data feed we use from the National Weather Service is routinely delayed in updating the current conditions, such that it does not meet our internal criteria for displaying that data because it is not "current." We will show current conditions if they are less than 90 minutes old.

In addition, the source we have used for years for the satellite imagery in the MWN app (also from the National Weather Service) has changed and is no longer available where the app is looking for it.

So why do we not update the app to attempt to rectify the issues? Simply put, the MWN app is in "containment" and will no longer receive updates as we chart a new path going forward. We're in the process of rebuilding the MWN mobile experience and will be announcing our path forward in spring 2024!


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