How do I restore SW+ Alerts if I previously purchased in the MWN app?

If you previously purchased SW+ Alerts in your app and had to reinstall the MWN app, you can also reinstall StormWatch+ for no fee. In addition, you can use SW+ Alerts on a new device for no fee as long as you're using the same iTunes or Google Play account as the original purchase.  This is called "Restoring a Purchase." Here's how to restore SW+ Alerts:

1.  After reinstalling, click the SW+ tab, then click the Restore link.



2. On the Legal page, click Agree to the Terms and Conditions.



3. For iPhone/iPad users, On the Restore page, you will select whether to restore the purchase through iTunes or using an e-mail address and password that you created when you originally purchased SW+ Alerts. The vast majority of users originally purchased SW+ Alerts as a one-time purchase and will restore via iTunes.  If you purchased the feature in late 2011 or early 2012, when it was offered as an annual subscription service, skip to step 4. If you purchased since early 2012 as a one-time purchase, click "Restore Purchase" then continue to skip 5. (You may be asked for your iTunes account information to verify your original purchase.) 

For Android users, simply click Restore StormWatch+ (second screenshot below) and continue to step 5.

3_restore_purchase.PNG    QuickMemo__2014-12-01-10-35-08.png


4. For iPhone/iPad users, if you originally purchased SW+ Alerts as an annual subscription (which has since been converted to a one-time purchase with no additional fees required), enter the e-mail and password you purchased SW+ Alerts with, then click "Restore Using Credentials" on the Restore screen. (NOTE: If you have forgotten the credentials you used when you originally purchased SW+ Alerts, please open a ticket via this Support interface and we'll be happy to create a new password for you.)



5. Your purchase will now be restored and you'll be taken to the SW+ Alerts Settings tab, which will now show a gear icon (indicating a settings screen) versus a lightning bolt on the tab at the bottom of the screen. That's all there is to it!



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