What is the EnRoute feature in SW+ Alerts?

Cirrus Weather Solutions, LLC is proud to announce the addition of dynamic alerting to SW+ Alerts! Previously, users set the locations they wanted alerts for based on their address, city/ST, zip code, or GPS location at the time they set their location into SW+ Alerts. Now, with SW+ Alerts EnRoute activated, users can receive weather alerts as they are traveling if they drive into a severe weather threat area.

How it works:

On the SW+ Alerts settings screen, a user can turn on EnRoute and then choose "Better Battery Life" or "More Precision" for the desired accuracy of their alert service. "Better Battery Life" will provide alert accuracy to within ~1.5 miles (often much more accurate in urban areas with dense cell tower coverage), while "More Precision" will provide alert accuracy to at least thirty (30) feet.  As the user travels, their location is updated regularly and the new location is compared to known severe weather warnings. If the user enters a warning polygon, the alert is pushed to their device (provided they have selected that type of alert to receive).

While notification will be provided when a user ENTERS a warned area, follow-up notification will not be provided if the user subsequently EXITS that warned area. However, alert areas that a user exits will be removed from the app. If a user's location has not changed after receiving an EnRoute alert, updates to the original warning (continuations, cancellations, etc.) will be sent.



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