What is SW+ Alerts?

SW+ Alerts is a unique service offered by Cirrus Weather Solutions, LLC that sends push notifications to your mobile device or tablet whenever severe weather threatens your specific location.  This is accomplished by cross-referencing storm-based warnings (also known as warning polygons) issued by the National Weather Service with multiple locations that you specify. Push notification alerts are generated if one of your locations is within the polygon created by the NWS.  Opening the app when an alert is issued will allow you to view your location with respect to the warning polygon on a map, as well as retrieve the full text of the watch or warning that generated the alert.


The SW+ Alerts service is offered as an in-app purchase within the and StormWatch+ apps.  No longer do you have to wonder whether the warning sirens that are sounding are because of a storm headed for your location.  When seconds count… SW+ Alerts is watching over you.

 Here's how to set up SW+ Alerts in your mobile app:


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