What features are included in SW+ Alerts?

The following features are included in the SW+ Alerts service:

  • Push notification alerts nationwide to users in the event of:
    • Tornado Watches and Warnings
    • Severe Thunderstorm Watches and Warnings
    • Flash Flood Watches and Warnings
    • A suite of Winter watches, warnings, and advisories
    • A suite of Tropical watches, warnings, and advisories
    • High Wind Warnings
    • Dense Fog Advisories
    • (and more coming!)
  • Alerts sent even if the app is not running and device is not in use
  • Push notifications accompanied by audio alert that will wake you up (for Severe Thunderstorm & Tornado Warnings)
  • Critical Alerts for iOS devices - meaning those wake-me-up alerts will override your Do Not Disturb setting
  • Input up to 5 fixed locations, which can be changed at any time and can be set using:
    • Current location (as determined by the device GPS)
    • City, ST
    • Postal address
    • Zip code
  • Activate EnRoute, which uses your device's location services and/or GPS to actively monitor your location for severe weather as you travel 
  • Access to full text of the alerts
  • Map showing warned area and your location
  • Quiet time – to temporarily stop alerts during a specified time of day
  • Status button to disable notifications (i.e., vacation stop)
  • Status buttons to disable individual locations 
  • Multi-device installation with one purchase using the iCloud service (iOS) or the same Google login (Android)


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