If I silence my phone or turn on Do Not Disturb, will I still receive audio alerts?


SW+ Alerts includes "Critical Alerts" technology, which means that warnings that require immediate action to protect life and property (Tornado Warnings and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings) will override devices that are silenced, muted, or on Do Not Disturb, sending a loud "wake-me-up" audio tone. Please see this article for more detail and how to ensure Critical Alerts are enabled.

Android devices

Please see this article on how to override Do Not Disturb on your Android device. While the app will not sound over silent or vibrate settings, you may override Do Not Disturb. This is not automatic and each user must configure this on their own device, per Google requirements.


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    Ellen Haley

    Can can I create a CirrusWeather contact on my iphone and make it a favorite to override the Do Not Disturb feature as I’ve done with some family members? I would need the number the texts come from in order to do this I suppose

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    Erik Proseus

    @Ellen, Good thought, but the notifications are not text-based, thus there is no "number" or "contact" that you can add to your phone. They are app-based notifications similar to receiving a notification from Facebook or your email app for which there is no contact that can be added to your address book. Apple simply does not allow app notifications to override their device's settings without their special permission. As of yet, we have not been granted that permission.

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