Is the SW+ Alerts service free?

The customized service provided by SW+ Alerts can not be found for free in any mobile app.  To be able to receive the timely, personalized, life-saving alerts offered by SW Alerts+, a small one-time in-app purchase is required. Our price point is very competitive with other similar services and our customer service after the sale cannot be beat (take this community for instance)!
NOTE: Effective with StormWatch+ 4.0, the one-time purchase has been replaced by a subscription service. The monthly rate is as low as it gets: just $0.99. A 25% discount is offered with the purchase of an annual subscription. 
We are proud to have achieved 99.95% uptime and delivery of weather alerts to our users, providing a stable and lightning fast alert service. This level of service and the infrastructure to support it, however, does not come without a price. In fact, we incur ongoing monthly and annual expenses to maintain the servers, processing, and app updates necessary to maintain high reliability and support new development, even if the weather is quiet! We hope you understand and are willing to invest in the architecture and support necessary to maintain a high quality product with NO ads and NO selling of your data to third parties for marketing or revenue purposes! Your data is safe, and so are you, with SW+ Alerts! 
For more on our new pricing policy, please see this article.


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