How accurate and reliable is SW+ Alerts?

SW+ Alerts location accuracy is extremely high. We have had multiple cases in which the polygonal boundary of a warning was within a block of a user's programmed location and the alert was delivered accurately.  Unlike many other severe weather warning applications, SW+ Alerts uses the precise boundaries of the polygon encompassing the warned area and the latitude/longitude of your specified location(s) to warn you only if you are in harm’s way. We have put together a whitepaper that more completely describes the accuracy and timeliness of the notifications. Check it out here.


Since the purpose of the application is to warn you when your area could be threatened by severe weather, we have taken multiple steps to ensure that you receive alerts in a timely manner – generally within seconds of their issuance by the National Weather Service. However, due to conditions beyond our control (internet/power outages, etc.), we strongly recommend having multiple ways of receiving severe weather information. Never rely on a single source of information delivered via the Internet or other electronic means when making critical decisions.


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