StormWatch+ 3.0 released!

Cirrus Weather Solutions, LLC is proud to announce that version 3.0 of the StormWatch+ app has been released!

StormWatch+ features an entirely redesigned interface for displaying both local and national weather information! It includes a brand new radar display that is fast and smooth when panning and zooming and stretches from coast to coast, PLUS includes overlays like storm tracks, watches/warnings, severe weather outlooks from the Storm Prediction Center, and even global (yes, global!) satellite. Zoom out from street level to a nationwide view instantly, drop in satellite imagery and storm tracks, then hit loop. Within seconds you'll have the national picture in a smooth animation! 

Not only did we start from scratch on the graphics, but you can now get current conditions and the National Weather Service pinpoint forecast for anywhere in the nation by entering a city, ST or zip code in the location box - not just for your current location. And our forecasts don't use a computer model that flip-flops 4 times a day or more! Ask any meteorologist and they'll tell you that model data is for use in preparing a forecast, not the forecast itself! By using National Weather Service forecasts created by local meteorologists, you get "human-powered" weather, not a crap app!

The precise, reliable alerting technology hasn't changed, but pretty much everything else has been re-designed!


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