StormWatch+ 3.0 updated - April 20, 2016

On April 20, we released version 3.0.2 of the StormWatch+ app for iOS to fix a couple of bugs and add one feature. These include:

– Added legends for the precipitation type radar display, as well as one for Significant Watches & Warnings
– Fixed a bug whereby current conditions would not update if the app were left running in the background for a long time 
– Fixed an issue with color coding of SPC outlook areas
– Fixed an issue where forecast text could be truncated 

We apologize for the bugs and are pleased to have these issues and enhancements addressed.


On March 25, we released version 3.0.1 of the StormWatch+ app for iOS to fix a number of bugs that were introduced in the new version 3.0. These include:

– Fixed a crash that could occur when an expired alert was loaded
– Prevented a situation in which a blank list would appear on the Active Alerts tab
– Prevented a situation in which one could need to move away from and return to Active Alerts tab in order to refresh list of active alerts
– Prevented a situation in which the badge on the Active Alerts tab might not have updated
– Fixed lack of audio when 'Test Wake Me Up Audio' was selected
– Opening a notification from your device's lock screen takes you immediately to the Active Alerts tab
– Other enhancements

We apologize for the initial issues, but a few were bound to creep in with a major redesign like 3.0. 


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