MWN 3.4.6 released

The mobile apps for Android and iPhone have been updated to version 3.4.6. This minor update includes mainly bug fixes and a couple of small performance tweaks. The main change is to not send the "wake-me-up" EAS audio tones when a Severe T'storm or Tornado Warning is expired or cancelled early, rather using a default notification sound.

Previously, MWN 3.4.5 included a series of fantastic new additions, including:

- the addition of satellite imagery and Storm Prediction Center outlooks for days 1-3 on the Now tab 

- fixes for restoring a previous StormWatch+ purchase and #mSpotter tab not allowing storm report submissions

- the addition of a video tutorial on how to setup StormWatch+

- the addition of a "Test" button for StormWatch+ so that you know what to expect when a Tornado or Severe T'storm Warning is issued

- improved handling of NWS polygons for more accurate weather alerts from StormWatch+

Thanks for using the app with StormWatch+!


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