NOTICE: MWN 3.5.2 update available -- iPad users must upgrade

February 26, 2015 -- Version 3.5.2 of the iOS app was rolled out today.  This version fixes the issue with radar not loading for iPad users. It is highly recommended that all iOS users upgrade their app, but especially iPad users.  We apologize for the lengthy outage and appreciate your patience and support!


January 12, 2015 -- On January 6, we rolled out a minor update to the iOS app (version 3.5.1). Unfortunately, that app resulted in a new issue for *iPad users only* in which radar does not load. We are working to correct this issue, however for now we recommend iPad users NOT update their apps until we can roll out a new update that fixes this issue. There were no major problems corrected in v.3.5.1 that can't wait until v.3.5.2 becomes available. Also note that this only affects radar - the rest of the app is functional.

This issue does not affect iPhone users, who should update their apps to the latest version. If iPad users have already updated, there is no "roll back" available and you will need to use alternate radar sources for the short term.

We sincerely apologize and are working diligently to correct this issue. This statement will be updated as information becomes available and a new update is released.


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