10:00pm CDT UPDATE -

The outage period for the StormWatch+ and mobile apps scheduled for today (June 14) has concluded. We appreciate your patience as we moved to a more robust server solution. It is important to note that push notifications WILL be sent for previous users of the app, however the display of any alerts in the app, any radar products (StormWatch+ app), and some settings within the StormWatch+ Push Settings section of the apps may not be available for a period of time, but should be for the majority of users by the end of the day Sunday (June 15). In addition, the app may occasionally crash on launch for some users. These issues are because the app may not be able to communicate with the StormWatch+ servers. We apologize for these issues but they are unpreventable and related to the Tech note below.

Users who installed StormWatch+ for the first time or updated locations in their apps today may wish to delete and re-add those locations to ensure that they are seen by our new server. To know for sure if your app is communicating with the server, on the Push Settings screen, tap "Customize My Alerts." If the alert types are displayed, your app is communicating with the server. That is a good time to remove/re-enter your locations and check your settings. (Tech note: the delay in availability of radar and alerts in app is due to a change to the DNS settings on our new server, which can take many hours to propagate to all ISPs across the internet. If the DNS has not propagated to your carrier, the Customize My Alerts section of the settings screen will not display the alert types.)

Please open a customer support ticket or reach us on Twitter @StormWatchPlus if you have any issues or problems other than those described above. Thank you! 


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