Badge notifications not clearing - iOS

StormWatch+ (and the app with StormWatch+) may continue to show a "badge" on its app icon on the home screen, even after viewing alerts in the app, or after those alerts expire. This has been addressed with an app update in early June in the StormWatch+ app.  For MWN w/ StormWatch+ users, a bug fix will have to be submitted to correct this issue. We are aware of the issue and will correct it as soon as possible.


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    Erik Proseus

    6/6/13 - We have released an update to the App Store to correct this issue in the StormWatch+ app.  Once updated, a user may have to wait to get alerts pushed to their device again before the app icon will clear.  For MWN users, we will submit a fix for the issue soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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