Multiple Notifications?

Are you getting multiple notifications for the same warning?

A recently discovered bug is that some users will see multiple or continuous notifications.

For multiple notifications, we believe this may be related to Enroute, but are working on finding the root cause.  Before submitting a ticket, please ensure that your receipt of multiple push notifications is not due to having multiple locations within the alert area.  Then, please turn Enroute off.  Feel free to open a ticket if this does not correct the issue.

For continuous notifications, you'll see a constant stream of notifications when you are under a warning.  This is due to a bug with Enroute.  We are working on fixing this issue, but in the meantime, please turn off Enroute unless you are traveling.

We thank you for relying on SW+ Alerts and know we are working to make it the best weather alerting system.





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