Known issues/bugs as of March 6, 2023

Version 5.0 of StormWatch+ has been rebuilt from the ground up and while most features are working exactly as intended in the new version, there are a few items we are still working on. Below is the most recent list of those, so you don't have to report them to us. Simply make sure your app is set to auto-update in your app store and you'll get the latest fixes as soon as we release them!

  • EnRoute toggles off when the app is closed - fixed in 5.0.3 (iOS)
  • Password field on login auto-caps first character - fixed in 5.0.3 (Android)
  • Incorrect audio sent on some alert types - in progress (Android)
  • Some users see "Expired" or "Inactive" on Alert Settings screen - in progress (iOS mainly)
  • Test notifications delayed or not sent - in progress (iOS/Android)
  • Quiet time toggle off when app is closed - in progress (iOS/Android)
  • Radar does not refresh after restoring app from background state - in progress (iOS/Android)
  • Active Alerts not displayed after push notification - evaluating (iOS/Android)
  • SW+ Alerts logged out with no user intervention - evaluating (iOS/Android)
  • Handling of large font or low screen resolution - future work (iOS/Android)
  • Radar animation - future work (iOS/Android)
  • Restore annual subscription option - future work (iOS/Android)


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