Introducing StormWatch+ 5.0!


StormWatch+ version 5.0 is now available for Android and iOS devices!

StormWatch+ 1.0 began as an entry-level, though highly customizable, severe weather alerting app in the summer of 2012 with a focus on bringing the most precise weather alerts to the mobile app market. Over the years, through continuous dedication to development and implementation of new features, the app slowly gained a foothold in the weather alert app sector. Multiple versions were released and the back-end continued to scale-up to support a growing user base. By 2020, the app was gaining a dedicated user community and continuing to grow organically. The most important feature added since its inception - "Critical Alerts" status granted by Apple - meant that the app could now override the Do Not Disturb setting on iOS devices and wake you up at night if you were in the path of severe storms! We remain one of just a few weather alert apps on the market that can offer this life-saving feature!

Over the past six months, we partnered with Rise Above Creative, Inc., a digital media agency based in middle TN, to begin rebuilding the app and charting its course for the future. In December 2022, version 5.0 of the StormWatch+ app was released for Android! The iOS version of the app was released at the end of January, 2023.

Initially, the app is almost identical to its predecessor, though the code has been completely rewritten for flexibility and future development. A new vendor was selected to provide the weather mapping layers (radar, satellite, etc.), but the same powerful engine still delivers the most accurate and fastest severe and inclement weather alerts found in a mobile app. A follow-on update in the near future will restore the yearly subscription option (previously suspended in late 2021), restore animation to the map layers, and most importantly, lay the groundwork for exciting and important new features in 2023.

The motivation for StormWatch+ remains the same though. We are continually committed to bringing you precise and lightning-fast weather alerts.  The app has been, and will continue to be, ad-free. And we commit to never selling or releasing your personal data, for profit or otherwise.  The base StormWatch+ app will remain free to download, while providing valuable information to help you plan your day, harnessing the power of over 2,000 National Weather Service meteorologists forecasting for your local area.  Regarding alerting, our server space and app development expenses are not inexpensive. We have committed to not selling advertising or most importantly, YOUR personal information, in order to subsidize the alerting service. Therefore, we believe strongly that offering SW+ Alerts as a subscription service is the best way to ensure that we can deliver those essential, life-saving alerts now, and in the months and years to come.

We are excited to launch version 5.0 of StormWatch+ and to continue to grow the app and our user community! We sincerely thank you for your continued support of StormWatch+ and SW+ Alerts and look forward to continuing to serve you! You can always reach us through the app by tapping "Contact Support" in the main app menu.


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