NWS changes to winter weather alerts

Effective today, October 2, 2017, the National Weather Service has made a handful of changes to winter weather watches, warnings, and advisories nationwide. These changes, part of an NWS program dubbed "Hazard Simplification," will affect other products later, but for now several winter weather products are being consolidated in order to reduce the types of alerts that are issued, thereby also reducing confusion by the public. The graphic below describes the products being consolidated. In addition, a new "bulleted format" on existing winter weather products will make it easier for users to get the main points of the watch, warning, or advisory quickly.


We want you to know that we have been monitoring this change, and upcoming changes to other products, since they were originally proposed, and that our SW+ Alerts service will continue to operate effectively going forward. Changes to SW+ have occurred on the "back end" of our service and do NOT require you to update your app to continue to receive the vital alerts you count on us to deliver. We encourage you to read the accompanying text of the alerts you receive within the app to understand the details of the hazard that is expected and the potential impacts to you so that you can respond accordingly, as a "Winter Storm Watch," for example, could include a variety of winter weather hazards.

If you have any questions about our service, feel free to email and we will be glad to assist. To open an app support ticket, we encourage you to "Contact Support" from within the app, which allows us to gather important app diagnostics that make solving your issue easier. Customer service is priority #2 - just behind delivering potentially life-saving information as soon as it is made available by the National Weather Service! 


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